Kim Ji-won Reveals Unexpected Daily Life After Completing “Queen of Tears” Filming

Actress Kim Ji-won talked about how she spent her daily life after wrapping up the filming for the drama “Queen of Tears”

On April 19th, COSMOPOLITAN Korea uploaded on their YouTube channel a new content video featuring the appearance of actress Kim Ji-won.

When asked about how she has been doing recently, Kim Ji-won said, “I’ve finished filming the drama and I’m enjoying a period of rest at home. Just rolling around. It’s completely the life of someone without a job right now”.

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She continued, “I wake up in the morning, well… actually it’s not really the morning. I wake up sometimes after the sun is up and enjoy the sunlight then have a cup of coffee. I choose some music, go for a walk, and go out to take a look around. So I’m just idling around and recharging these days”.

Regarding her habit of going to work by herself, the actress said, “If it’s not too far, I just pop in my earphones and walk home while it’s still light out, which helps me sort through my thoughts about the day”.

When asked about her favorite work, Kim Ji-won said, “Since ‘Queen of Tears’ is a piece I acted in, once it airs, I don’t want to look for it. But at the same time, I’m also curious about it so I search for it. Then the algorithm brings it up again and I watch it.”

Source: wikitree

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