Kim Hyun-joong’s non-celebrity wife gave birth to a baby boy

Kim Hyun-joong (36 years old), actor and member of group SS501, recently held his son in his arms.

According to a report by My Daily on October 29th, Kim Hyun-joong’s son was recently born.

Kim Hyun-joong announced his marriage in February and the pregnancy of his non-celebrity wife 5 months later.

kim hyun joong

In July, his agency Henecia said, “Kim Hyun-joong is waiting to welcome a new life”, adding “We hope you can give him sincere support and blessings so that he can protect the precious life well”. 

Kim Hyun-joong omitted the wedding ceremony with his lover whom he met when he was having a hard time. They became husband and wife by registering marriage.

Kim Hyun Joong

This became known when Kim Hyun-joong announced his marriage directly to fans at his concert in February. At that time, the agency explained, “Considering the difficult situation, procedures such as wedding ceremony were omitted. We have decided to carefully deliver the news considering the position of Kim Hyun-joong’s non-celebrity spouse.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-joong also had a son with his ex-lover.

Source: daum

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