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“He’s really handsome as expected” Moroccan girls impressed by BamBam’s appearance

Moroccan girls at a restaurant were impressed by GOT7 BamBam’s appearance and enjoyed the burgers prepared by Baek Jong Won.

On April 23rd, the last business trip of Baek Jong Won in Africa, Morocco was featured on tvN’s “The Genius Paik,”. As customers began to gather, the restaurant manager, Lee Jang Woo, said in a bright voice, saying, “Customers are coming, customers are here.” 

As customers continued to come in, Baek Jong Won said with a satisfied expression, “They’re coming steadily. We have two more servings of meat left.”

got7 bambam

A store owner who visited the restaurant yesterday came with his nephew to have a meal. Later, he brought another nephew and ordered burgers. As the busy restaurant became less crowded, Lee Jang Won showed a satisfied expression, saying, “Is it quiet time again? But we sold a lot.

The Moroccan girls who came to eat rice were impressed by BamBam‘s appearance, saying, “He’s really handsome.” When they looked back at BamBam again, they said, “He’s really handsome as expected,” and felt shy. 

When BamBam served them burgers, the girls couldn’t help but laugh. Later, they ate the burgers and were impressed by how delicious they were.

Source: nate. 

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