Yuri confessed, “I’m still living in the dorm of Girls’ Generation”

Girls’ Generation Yuri surprised everyone by revealing that she is still living in the dorm of her group.

On August 27, Yuri joined SBS-TV’s “My Little Old Boy” as a guest of the show. Yuri’s appearance gave off a refreshing and lively vibe that lighted up the atmosphere of the studio.

During the episode, Yuri suddenly confessed that she is currently living in 2 houses, surprising everyone. She explained that she has been going back and forth between her parent’s home and the dorm of Girl’s Generation.

The female idol said she has a special reason. She shared, ‘It depends on my condition every day that I choose which house to stay”. Her confession made all the MCs and the guests burst into laughter.

Moreover, she also told the stories of how she used to be called “the mirror princess” when she was young, her parent’s nagging, and how she is being a daughter to her parents at the moment.

Meanwhile, the episode of “My Little Old Boy” starring Yuri will be aired at 9:05 P.M on August 29.

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