Kim Hieora Set to Portray School Bullying-Themed Character on ‘SNL Korea 4’ Amidst Bullying Allegations

The script for Kim Hieora’s guest appearance on ‘SNL Korea’ has been leaked. 

Kim Hieora was scheduled to appear for a gig on Coupang Play’s ‘SNL Korea Season 4’ on September 7. On September 6th, Star News exclusively obtained and confirmed the ‘SNL Korea 4’ script, revealing that Kim Hieora was set to reenact the character of Lee Sara, a school bully and drug addict from Netflix’s drama ‘The Glory.’

According to the script, Kim Hieora was to portray Manager Kim at the company where Joo Hyun Young and Kim Won Hoon work. Manager Kim looks at Joo Hyun Young nervously even though she first showed good intentions, as if she is suffering from bipolar disorder, as her employees call her “crazy.” Despite initially reacting with anger, she eventually smiles and says, “Were you scared? It was just a joke,” before asking, “Did you really think I was joking? Can’t you read the situation?”

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When Joo Hyun Young apologizes, Manager Kim alternates between laughter and seriousness, “This is hilarious, I’m going crazy. Tears are streaming. It’s a joke. But did I put it too bluntly?” She continues, “Well, it should be okay then. If it’s not okay, what can you do? It’s just a joke.”

Additionally, Manager Kim has a fit when her proposal is rejected by his superior, shouting, “Make it happen!” An example given in the script includes a video of Lee Sara from ‘The Glory,’ pleading with her parents to send her to the Netherlands to use drugs. 

There is also a scene where Manager Kim asks, “Is my drug supply running low?” and then goes to the restroom to sniff something as if inhaling drugs, followed by an explanation that it’s due to a cold.

Kim Hieora has been embroiled in allegations of school bullying and involvement with an iljin gang on September 6th. According to a media report, she was a member of “Big Sangji” at Sangji Girls’ Middle School in Wonju, Gangwon Province, 19 years ago. 

At that time, “Big Sangji” had a notorious reputation for stealing money, assault, and verbal abuse. While Kim Hieora admitted her involvement in the group, she denied participating in the violence. She said, “I wasn’t a model student during my school years, and I did hang out with them, but I didn’t participate in verbal abuse or violence. I think I was more of a bystander, and my mistake was that I stood by and watched.”

Notably, Kim Hieora had already faced these allegations in June earlier this year.

However, despite being aware of all these allegations, Kim Hieora was scheduled to portray a bullying character in ‘SNL Korea 4’ scheduled for tomorrow. If her allegations of school bullying and delinquency had not been reported today, she planned to meet the audience the next day and perform as scheduled.

Source: daum.

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