Kim Go Eun had to receive acting lesson from a 10-year-old actress 8 years ago because she was too nervous

Despite being a top star, Kim Go Eun once received help from a child actress. 

Born in 1991, Kim Go Eun rose to stardom by playing the lead in her debut movie “A Muse”. She originally went to Kaywon Art High School, dreaming of becoming a screenwriter as she was interested in making films under the influence of her father.

She changed her mind and decided to become an actress because of her teacher’s suggestion, “Why don’t you try acting?‘. In addition, her interest in acting grew bigger when she had the opportunity to go on stage and experienced acting.

Kim Go Eun graduated from the Theater Academy of the Korea National University of Arts. After debut, she has been recognized for her good acting skills and quickly joined the ranks of top young actresses in the industry. 

Although she is undoubtedly talented, Kim Go Eun still had a hard time acting. It was when she was filming the action thriller movie “Monster”, where she showed a major acting transformation after “A Muse”. After “Monster” was released in 2014, the movie sadly failed at box office despite the performances of Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ki. 

Child actress Ahn Seo Hyun, who led director Bong Joon Ho’s movie “Okja” and stole the hearts of viewers all over the world, struggled between Kim Go Eun and Kim Min Ki to give “Monster” vitality.

Ahn Seo-hyun, born in 2004, played the role of Na-ri in the play. Debuting in ‘Love Marriage’ in 2008, she left a deep impression by appearing as the daughter of Seo-woo and Lee Jung-jae in ‘The Maid’ after working in the movies ‘Rabbit and Lizard’ and ‘Soul’. In the drama ‘Dream High’, she appeared as Suzy’s younger sister.

At the scene, Kim Go-eun said, “I leaned a lot on Ahn Seo-hyun.” She confessed that she learned a lot from a child actor who is a senior to her.

Lee Min-ki also praised Ahn Seo-hyun, who is young but mature, by saying, “she’s not a child, she’s just learning.”

The movie ‘Monster’ with the three was criticized at the time, but it is recorded as a movie that produced a big star. 

Source: daum

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