Kim Go Eun flexed the gifts she bought for her staff, went on a date with Park Ji Hoo in Singapore

Kim Go Eun revealed her final story in Singapore. 

On the afternoon of Nov 7th, a video titled “[Gonlog] “Last Story in Singapore – Behinds of
Go Eun Day (ft. Swimming, Rock Cafe, Fanmeeting, Hype Boy, Band Ensemble)”
was posted on the YouTube channel of “BH Entertainment.”

In the released video, Kim Go Eun went to the shopping mall after eating breakfast and a short rest. At the mall, she bought clothes for the staff to wear at the swimming pool and their birthday gifts. Kim Go Eun was greatly applauded by her staff as she unboxed what she bought after shopping.

Kim Go-eun in Singapore

Park Ji Hoo, who played the role of In Hye in “Little Women”, made a surprise appearance on the set. Kim Go Eun ran to the younger actress right away after hearing that Park Ji Hoo had visited. She was happy to receive Ji Hoo’s surprise gift, which is a Drinking Alone Set.

Kim Go Eun, who stood side by side with Choo Ja Hyun and Park Ji Hoo, burst into laughter, saying, “It’s like an episode of entertainment news Hanbam TV.” Park Ji Hoo said, “I shot the first scene today and blacked out at the hotel. But I brought vitamins for the vitality of my seniors,” and Kim Go Eun said, “How did you know about Shrimp Crackers’ soju? I love the spicy shrimp cracker,” she said with a smile.

When Park Ji Hoo asked, “You like IU right? I’ll take a legendary photo for you,” Kim Go Eun, who belatedly found out that she had filmed at Marina Bay, replied, “I will take some legendary photos for you. I’m really good at taking photos. I’m pretty good at everything,” she said, drawing laughter with her cute bluff.

Kim Go-eun in Singapore

Kim Go Eun then visited the swimming pool. Kim Go Eun, who was lying down leisurely after ordering pizza, pretended to be a cool sister by saying “I ordered all three types because I didn’t know what you would like.”

After that, Kim Go Eun even opened a swimming class and visited a hard rock cafe with Park Ji Hoo to eat hamburgers, completing her fun and memorable business trip to Singapore. 

Kim Go Eun then returned to Korea to spend time practicing the choreography of New Jeans’ “Hype Boy” and rehearsed with the band ahead of her fanmeeting.

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