Kim Ah Joong to reportedly appear in “Battle For The No One of Daechi-dong”

As a result of Star News’ exclusive coverage on July 18th, it was confirmed that Kim Ah Joong was cast in ENA’s new drama “Battle For The No One of Daechi-dong”.

“Battle For The No One of Daechi-dong” depicts the story of private education instructors who struggle with their identity despite being star instructors who stand at the center of Daechi-dong.

Kim Ah-joong

In the drama, Kim Ah Joong plays Kang Do Young, who started as a Korean language teacher at a prestigious high school in Gangnam, then worked as a lecturer on educational broadcasts and a test organizer for the CSAT before entering the institutes center in Daechi-dong.

“Battle For The No One of Daechi-dong” is written by writer Seo In of SBS’ “Judge vs. Judge” and JTBC’s “Law School”.

Kim Ah Joong appeared in Disney+’s “Grid” released in February last year.

Source: Daum

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