Karina is said to be more beautiful than the AI ​​character

Netizens say that aespa’s Karina looks like a game character after buying all the items

At 0:00 on May 12, aespa released a series of behind-the-scenes photos for the upcoming single Next Level.  In the photos, the members appear with their “ae” versions.  The combination of aespa and avatar characters makes fans excited.  Among them, Karina is the member who attracts the most attention because of her top visual.  Although standing next to the ae, the female idol is not inferior, but even overwhelms the character drawn from the graphics.

karina 1830
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Netizens believe that Karina’s debut is SM’s right choice when she “looks more like AI than AI”.  The female idol’s face and body look like they were created from a computer, not like an ordinary person.  She is the outstanding representative of aespa because she is the member best suited to the virtual reality concept.

Netizens comment:

“Karina definitely looks like a game character,” “She looks ai too with her really surreal body ratio and large eyes,” “this is so funny, she even got a motorcycle as a game item,” “I heard the concept photo artist changed, it looks like a video game teaser photo”; “She has a really nice body figure that looks like a game character too, and her face is so pretty”; “Karina definitely is the only one who can pull this look off without looking too bad. She’s perfect. lol.”

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karina 18303040
Karina’s facial features have a unique aura.
karina 183029840
Karina is famous as one of the prominent new generation idols.

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