Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won’s drama “Curtain Call”  is arousing more attention through word-of-mouth

“Curtain Call”, which delivers a warm and healing message, is gaining popularity as it turns to the second part. 

KBS 2TV’s Mon-Tue drama “Curtain Call” (directed by Yoon Sang Ho/ written by Jo Sung Geol), which depicts the project of a man who becomes the fake grandson for a limited time to fulfill the wish of a grandmother, is slowly unraveling the heavy echoes that touch viewers and provide them with healing through every episode. The tension of the battle of truth between the fake grandson Yoo Jae Heon (Kang Ha Neul) and the real grandson Ri Moon Sung (Noh Sang Hyun) is making hot topic after each episode ends. Especially when the drama scene is full of suspense genres, such as legal, investigative, fantasy, or romance, “Curtain Call” is still faithful to its basic format of a healing drama.

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“Curtain Call” is slowly mesmerizing viewers with its calm and smooth flow. The drama was created by the collaboration between director Yoon Sang Ho, who was recognized for his directing skills through “River Where the Moon Rises”, “Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny”, “Saimdang, Memoir of Colors”, etc., and screenwriter Jo Sung Geol, who has proved his name with “Hitman” and “Midnight Runners”. The solid acting skills of prominent actors, such as Kang Ha Neul, Ha Ji Won, Go Doo Shim, Sung Dong Il, Jung Ji So, Noh Sang Hyun, and Kwon Sang Woo also shine through this work. Above all, despite not having provocative villains, “Curtain Call” still be able to maximize its tension and deliver its heart-warming and healing messages, captivating viewers with both emotional scenes and fun.

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The reason “Curtain Call” is still securing solid viewers and showing a stable performance is because of its strong message. In the nuclear-family society in today’s era, the drama enters a large family that encompasses three generations and reveals their background and stories of them, from when they were separated from their motherland to the modern time, comfortably stimulating empathy and nostalgia in viewers’ hearts. In the end, what the drama wants to show is that the power that leads our mind is family. Many people who watched “Curtain Call” responded that they once again realized the importance of family that they had forgotten and the deep meaning of unconditional love.

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The character Ja Geum Soon portrayed by veteran actress Go Doo Shim plays the role of the root of the story and gives a healing message. To fulfill the wish of Ja Geum Soon within the limited time of three months, every character is taking the lead and slowly showing how they become one as a family.

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In episode 10, the first grandson Park Se Joon (Ji Seung Hyun), who was trying to sell Hotel Nakwon that Ja Geum Soon spent her whole life building, gave in at the critical moment when the real grandson was revealed. This detail was interpreted as a deep echo showing how the character values family more than his individual selfishness, stimulating viewers’ sympathy. In the end, it proves that all boundaries, including that between fake grandson and real grandson, lies and truths, or life and death, can be broken down and solidly united in the name of family. With various events surrounding Ja Geum Soon, the drama is expected to attract more attention in its second half.

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Thanks to its unique charm, the popularity of “Curtain Call” is increasing not only in Korea but also overseas. Through various OTT services such as Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten Viki, and iQIYI International, the drama has been in the spotlight as a top Korean content in the world by consistently achieving amazing results in each country. “Curtain Call” is breaking the barriers of language and generation to properly connect overseas viewers as a family with its healing message and provides warmth to them.

Source: Daum

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