K-netizen Lists Out Their Favorite Members in Each Boy Group ft. Reactions

What do you think about this netizen’s taste in K-pop male idols? 

On July 3, a post titled “Compilation of members that I like in each boy group” gained attention on the online community Pann.


The original poster made a list of their favorite members in different male idol groups. The list includes: 

  1. TXT – Beomgyu
  2. NCT – Jaemin
  3. Stray Kids – Felix
  4. ENHYPEN – Heeseung
  5. The Boyz – Sunwoo
  6. SEVENTEEN – Mingyu
  7. MONSTA X – Minhyuk
  8. VERIVERY – Kangmin
  9. BTS – Jin

Under the post, other netizens left comments:

  • You surely pay attention to visuals. You’re such an eolppa (t/n: eolppa: someone who likes good-looking people) ㅋㅋㅋ Same 
  • So you like the handsome puppy type ㅋㅋ
  • Your bias is just the most handsome member 
  • Beomgyu and Jaemin really seem to be at their peak these days 
  • I think OP likes not only their visuals but also puppy-like personalities and body proportions, as well as idol qualities.
  • These are all the members with cute puppy-like personalities

Source: Pann

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