Just set up Instagram account, BTS V is confirmed to break two Guinness records!

Guinness World Records has confirmed that V (BTS) has set 2 new records on Instagram

BTS is indeed BTS. Even when they are on their second official long vacation, they still know how to stir up social networks with their influence.  Accordingly, on December 6, all 7 members of BTS officially announced their personal Instagram accounts with blue check marks. After 8 years of operation, the group finally had a ‘debut’ on this social media platform. 

BTS V two Guinness records

BTS’s followers has grown swiftly since then, and all seven members have now achieved the milestone of 20 million followers in just a few days. The group’s appeal is so strong that Guinness World Records’ Twitter had to respond with a tweet expressing their bewilderment, “It’s fine,” on the same day BTS launched the accounts. They knew that they would have to work hard to update the data and confirm the group’s impending set of records on the Instagram platform.

BTS V two Guinness records

As expected, BTS is currently the top group in the world, so they will definitely break a lot of records on this platform.  It’s just that no one expected them to do it so quickly, especially member V – the owner of the @thv account.

Since V’s account was announced, the male idol quickly reached 1 million and then 10 million followers.  Many people at that time were convinced that V broke the world record on Instagram, but the most important thing is that it still needed Guinness to confirm it and announce the specific time.

BTS V two Guinness records

On December 13 (US time), Guinness World Records announced 2 new records held by V (@thv) on Instagram:

V’s Instagram account became the fastest in history to reach 1 million followers (43 minutes).  The previous records belonged to NCT’s Taeil (1 hour 45 minutes), Rupert Grint (4 hours 1 minute) and Jennifer Aniston (5 hours 16 minutes).

With only 4 hours and 52 minutes, V’s Instagram account became the fastest in history to reach 10 million followers. Following V, all other BTS members rapidly surpassed 10 million followers. 

BTS V two Guinness records
Guinness’s Instagram account confirmed V’s new records and clicking follow male idol (previously this account followed BTS’s group account)

After confirming the records held by V, Guinness wrote: “That’s not the only new record for the BTS star. The quick work of the BTS ARMY led to V’s followers jumping up to 10 million after just 4 hours 52 minutes, breaking a second record for the fastest time to reach 10 million followers on Instagram. BTS feature in a double-page spread in the Guinness World Records 2022 book that details all their record-breaking achievements to date – though we’re sure there are many, many more to come.”

BTS V two Guinness records

Currently, many people are waiting to see if V will break the Guinness record for the fastest account to reach 20 million followers. In addition, according to the update, V (BTS) is still the Asian artist who owns the post with the most likes in Instagram history (the post of his puppie Yeontan has more than 16.5 million likes). Currently, the TOP 10 most liked posts in Instagram history of Asian artists also belong to BTS members.

BTS V two Guinness records
Have only been using Instagram for over a week but V has already broken 2 world records
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