BTS is finally on Instagram, 7 members altogether attracted more than 100 million followers in a day

BTS is turning the Instagram world upside down. 

All 7 members opened their personal accounts. The fact that they have gathered a total of more than 100 million followers only a day after publicizing their accounts is drawing keen attention.

At 6 P.M on December 6th, BTS members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook revealed their personal Instagram accounts.


Boy group BTS, which debuted on June 13th, 2013, has always been known as the so-called “social king”. They have continuously communicated with fans on their official Twitter account, which was followed by 41.98 million people, expanding their huge influence. However, this Twitter account is used by all 7 members. Therefore, this is the first time after 9 years that each member has their own SNS.

As a result, the number of their followers soared immediately after the news of BTS opening Instagram accounts was reported. Shortly after then, all members surpassed the ‘1 million followers’ milestone. As of 5 P.M on December 7th, each member attracted around 17 million followers. In total, 7 members have attracted more than 120 million people following them.

BTS instagram update

As this is their first time using Instagram, the members have constantly drawn laughter from fans by showing themselves adapting to this platform, such as trying new features and making mistakes. Jin left short and simple comments under his members’ emotional photos as if he was having a messenger conversation. Suga added to the fun by leaving an honest confession, saying, “Instagram is so complicated”, along with a red image. RM and J-Hope, who are still staying in the U.S after their offline concert ended, revealed their daily life moments through photos of their trips on vacation and concert backstage photos.

Meanwhile, V, who is also staying abroad, drew attention by releasing selfies pictures at various places, including the American Music Awards (AMA). Jimin, who has returned to Korea and is in self-quarantine, wrote a message delivering his love to fans. In addition, Jungkook, who is also in self-quarantine, communicated with fans by posting photos and videos he took while staying in the U.S.


After finishing their concert in Los Angeles and performing at the 2021 Jingle Ball Tour, BTS members completed all their official schedules this year and have begun their long-term vacation. On the first day of when BTS’s long vacation was announced, all members opened their personal Instagram accounts out of a sudden as a new way to communicate with fans. Fans all around the world are paying keen attention to BTS’s accounts and expecting them to reveal more daily life moments of their vacation.

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