Jungkook revealed his present he received from Jimin on his birthday!

He also gives Jimin a new nickname during his latest Vlive.

Today, Jungkook had a solo streamed live via Naver’s “V-Live” after BTS’ tiring concert in L.A. While communicating with fans, the youngest member of BTS also shared some stories relating to their promotions and his birthday recently.

When being asked about his present hair color, Jungkook said he had requested to change it back to black because it’s too hard to manage while on tour otherwise. BTS member also shared his favorite songs on his phone and asked fans if they wanted to listen together.

The highlight of the vlive is when someone asked Jungkook if he got any birthday gifts and he answered, “Oh yes! Jiminie hyung did! Jimin hyung is the present fairy!” He revealed that Jimin bought him a black bag for birthday present and that the boy gave it to him at Music Core broadcast. Lately, Jungkook has been wearing the bag too often that even Jimin starts to joke about it.

BTS have always been famous for their relationships with each other. It can’t be denied that the youngest members of BTS always have each other’s backs and take care of each other, and these few moments remain special in the hearts of ARMY everywhere.

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