After racist controversy, Latto now under fire because of BLACKPINK Jennie?

Latto, who featured in BTS Jungkook’s “Seven”, became embroiled in controversy again, this time angering BLACKPINK fans. 

On August 17th, the female rapper who featured in BTS Jungkook’s solo track “Seven”, Latto, started to draw heavy criticisms from BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK). 

latto jennie

In particular, on the same day, Latto posted a screenshot of trending keywords on SNS platform Twitter (also known as “X”), which show the rapper’s own name as a trending topic in “Rap”. However, Latto’s screenshot also shows the key word “JENNIE APOLOGIZE TO MUSLIMS”, sparking outrage among BLACKPINK fans, as they believed Latto’s action may direct negative attention towards Jennie. 

latto jennie

At the moment, reactions remain divided, as many claim that Latto has no bad intentions, while others believe that she should apologize to Jennie, regardless of intention. 

Amid this, Latto’s previous “racist controversy”, where the female rapper was discovered to have made insulting remarks towards Asian in the past, has also emerged.

On the other hand, keywords such as “JENNIE APOLOGIZE TO MUSLIMS”, “JISOO APOLOGIZE TO MUSLIMS”, and “BLACKPINK APOLOGIZE TO MUSLIMS” have been trending on Twitter. This is because many netizens are criticizing the girl group for enjoying Frank Ocean’s performance of “Bad Religion” back during Coachella, despite the event being from months ago. 

It is suspected that extreme BTS fans and BLACKPINK antis are behind such trends, considering that BTS RM suffered from similar criticisms just hours prior.

In particular, RM previously shared on his Instagram story the song “Bad Religion” by Frank Ocean – which is believed to contain insulting messages towards Islam and Muslims. Thus, the “hate trend” against BLACKPINK is speculated to be a malicious action done to divert attention. 

Source: Instagram, Twitter

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