Jung Joon Young continued to submit an appeal, not accepting a 5-year prison sentence

On May 12, the Seoul Central Court sentenced Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon to 5 and 2.5 years in prison respectively for spreading pornographic videos and group sexual assault. 

The two artists were sentenced 6 years and 5 years in the previous trial.


A day later, reports revealed that Jung Joon Young’s legal representatives filed an appeal to the Seoul Supreme Court.  If the court accepts the appeal, the former singer will undergo another trial which can completely change his sentence.

Back in the first quarter of 2019, Jung Joon Young’s Kakaotalk group chat, Choi Jong Hoon and several other defendants were exposed to the public.  The male singer was accused of distributing illicit sensitivecontent and sexually assaulting women.  Netizens are very disgruntled with Jung Joon Young’s 5-year sentence, but apparently, this criminal is still not satisfied and wants to reduce the sentence further.

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