JTBC has just released a teaser for Snowdrop featuring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Haein

Thus, the release date of Snowdrop is rapidly approaching.

Today, August 17, JTBC unexpectedly presented a new Teaser before broadcasting the reality show “The Sea of Hope.” This teaser is supposed to promote Snowdrop, a film starring BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jung Haein.

In the 10 second video, a girl, thought to be Jisoo, and a man, believed to be Jung Haein, are dancing together at a ballroom.

jisoo jung haein snowdrop 3208308209380283238 scaled 1

Furthermore, the word, as seen in the video “Seolganghwa,” which méans “coming soon,” makes fans happier than ever before since Snowdrop is officially set to be launched.

Meanwhile, this is the first drama that the BLACKPINK member attends as the female lead. After more than a year, the drama was recently rumored to air this September.

jisoo jung hae in snowdrop 239092390240 scaled 1

Not long after that, JTBC also launched the official teaser for Snowdrop. With only 11 short seconds and without spoiling any notable details of the film, the teaser has partly helped fans feel satisfied when seeing the two main characters played by Jung Haein and Kim Jisoo.

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