Joo Hyun Young confessed that she used to create imaginary stories as a fan, “Holding hands while taking a walk at night with G-Dragon”

Actress Joo Hyun Young expressed her admiration for Big Bang G-Dragon as a fan.

Joo Hyun Young guested on MBC’s “Radio Star”, which aired on February 8th, and talked about her school days. 

joo hyun young

Revealing that she had many crazy imaginations back then, the actress recalled and said, “I liked G-Dragon when I was still using Cyworld. I combined G-Dragon’s press photo with my selfie and wrote the title ‘GD & Joo Hyun Young, holding hands while taking a walk at night’ like an article”. She added, “I also created stories in the comments. I joked around with my friends, saying things like, ‘GD oppa, you can’t do that’, etc.”.

In addition, Joo Hyun Young confessed that the “Woo to the Young to the Woo” greeting in the popular drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” she created was inspired by the lyrics of Big Bang’s “Last Farewell”. 

joo hyun young

She said, “At first, the greeting in the script was ‘Woo Young Woo Young Woo, Dong Dong Geu Ra Mi’. I thought it was quite weird and embarrassing to say that greeting so I changed it a little bit to make it sounds more hip-hop. I really liked Big Bang and the phrase ‘B to the I to the G Bang Bang’ in ‘Last Farewell’ was very famous. Then an idea came to my mind.”


When asked about the reaction of the leading actress Park Eun Bin, Joo Hyun Young said, “At first, she couldn’t follow the greeting so she said, ‘I will practice more’. Later, she successfully did it in a cute way on the set. She performed it so well that the greeting turned out to be cute but not embarrassing.”

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