Jo Kwon revealed that he failed all schools he applied to and had to spend 1 more year studying for K-SAT, “I was too prideful”

2AM Jo Kwon confessed that he failed all of the universities he applied to. 

On November 8th, Jo Kwon uploaded a video titled “[Jo Kwon ASMR] Shall we leave for the test venue, featuring text reading to Kwon’s K-SAT behind story” on his Youtube channel “Jo Kwon’s Watch or Not”.

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Preparing a special K-SAT ASMR episode, Jo Kwon said, “While we’re leading our lives, we have tests all the time. The pressure and stress we have under tests are beyond description, I think. It’s really hard to overcome them. But, in the hard situation, I want to give you some positive power”.

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While reading the K-SAT handwriting checklist, Jo Kwon recalled the past and said, “These beautiful phrases reminded me of my exams. I remember the day when I took the K-SAT. The members came to cheer me up, and Chang Min packed me with a lunchbox for the test”.

Recalling memories of his exams, Jo Kwon shared, “I woke up at dawn and went around the universities I applied for. Putting my test verification slip on my chest, I waited for my turn with a fluttering heart”.

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Jo Kwon continued, “I can say it now. In the middle of my busy schedule, I studied hard whenever I had some time. I think I messed up on the K-SAT test. I thought I could pass the test with my talent. Yes, I was too prideful. So I failed all of the schools I applied to”. He then laughed awkwardly. 

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Jo Kwon explained, “I was supposed to enter college in 2008, but I studied hard for one more year. And I finally entered college in 2009”. 

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