Female stars with ‘worst’ fashion this week: Han Da Gam, Lee Da Hee, Lee Chae Young, Park Ha Sun

Han Da Gam, Lee Da Hee, Lee Chae Young, and Park Ha Sun were selected as the worst dressers by reporters.

YTN Star’s reporters named the worst-dressed celebrities in the past week, based on their choices of fashion at various events including Seoul Fashion Week, press conferences, and brand events. This week’s ranking featured Han Da Gam, Lee Da Hee, Lee Chae Young, and Park Ha Sun, who received negative responses for their disappointing outfits.

◆ Han Da Gam

Her selection of the outfit’s color was good. Han Da Gam effortlessly pulled off an all-green set that only confident people can wear. However, the design did not seem to complement her body shape at all. It’s a regret that the part below her belt, which was pulled up high, made her belly be shown clearly. 

Han Da Gam

Moreover, the overly intense primary color of Han Da Gam’s clothes doesn’t match well with her strong and sharp facial features, and it looks strangely unsophisticated. 

◆ Lee Da Hee

Lee Da Hee tried to show both funky and cute vibes at the same time but ended up looking excessive and lacking a clear concept. Her effort to unify all the items in black was good, but the different materials and designs of the items made the set look consistent, creating an unexplainable fashion.


The leather short-sleeved coat makes Lee Da Hee feel like a cold and unfriendly woman. The coat with an awkward length like it was left unfinished and its combination with a skirt and unrelated details, such as mesh stockings with ribbons, reminds netizens of idols’ stage costumes.

◆ Lee Chae Young

Lee Chae Young’s two-tone jacket and pants create an optical illusion, which may be unique and interesting but not stylish at all. Both the color and the design of her set are “the worst”. 


In particular, the pants were not a wise choice as they made her lower body look big. The top worn inside the outerwear is also strange. If Lee Chae Young’s goal was to look bold and confident, she already failed. Even if she wanted to be unique, it was also a complete failure.

◆ Park Ha Sun

The bright hair color doesn’t suit her at all, and it looks even worse when she hasn’t dyed the roots again. It would have been better if she had worn a two-piece outfit with neatly styled black hair.


Is the excessive use of color the problem of Park Ha Sun’s fashion this time? This set is seemingly outdated rather than trendy. If we look at each piece of her set, such as the outerwear, top, and skirt, separately, they are not bad, but putting them together results in a complete mismatch.

Source: Naver

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