Netizens are going crazy over Jennie’s rap part in BLACKPINK’s new song “Pink Venom” 

Jennie’s rap part in “Pink Venom” is creating a buzz. 

At 1PM KST on August 19th, BLACKPINK released the MV for the pre-release single “Pink Venom” on their official YouTube channel. “Pink Venom” is a hip-hop genre song showcasing BLACKPINK’s unique strong charisma.

Jennie is in charge of the song’s intro and middle part, through which she shows off her unrivaled rapping skills.  Jenny perfectly slayed her part with a stable tone and satisfying vocalization. Jennie’s catchy diction also highlights her talent as a real hip-hop rapper.

Korean netizens on different online communities, such as Theqoo and DC Inside Hip Hop Gallery, commented on Jennie’s rap part:

  • Jennie ate 
  • Her tone is really good
  • Jennie is a genius
  • Her skills are top-notch
  • The rap part is better than I expected
  • This is what hip-hop is like 
  • If Jennie came out on “Show Me The Money”, she would win
  • Jennie is Korean but why can she be so good at rapping in English? 

Meanwhile, at a press conference ahead of the release of “Pink Venom”, which was held on the same day, Jennie said, “As it has been a long time since we made a comeback, I wanted to capture BLACKPINK’s identity.” 

She added, “We are BLACKPINK. Contradiction is our charm. So ‘Pink Venom’, or ‘lovely poison’ is what describes us well.”

Source: wikitree

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