“Jinny’s Kitchen” behind-the-scenes production stories revealed “It’s okay as long as it’s not BTS V?”

The behind-the-scenes production stories of tvN’s entertainment show “Jinny’s Kitchen”, on which BTS V appeared, were revealed

On October 31st, PD Na Young-seok held a live broadcast on the YouTube channel “Channel 15ya” with “Egg is coming” writers.

During the discussion about the difficulties faced during overseas filming, PD Na Young-seok mentioned concerns about safety while shooting “Jinny’s Kitchen” in Bacalar, Mexico.

He said, “After the youngest member (V) decided to join, I was quite worried, especially because he’s a world-famous idol. People might come there (to see him). I told the local costume coordinator. She said, ‘As long as it’s not BTS V, it’s okay.’ I realized how popular V is.”

PD Na Young-seok recounted how amusing the situation was, as he did not even mention that V was coming to the set.

During the “2023 K Forum”, Lee Seo-jin, who appeared with V on “Jinny’s Kitchen”, shared his experience, saying that the small rural town in Mexico where they filmed turned out to have many fans waiting outside the restaurant the entire time.

He described how fans would wait for days, and how they had V dance at the end of the schedule, showing the extent of V’s global popularity.

Lee Seo-jin mentioned that during the shoot, the place was kept confidential. Even though there were some sightings, fans cooperated with the staff to maintain order and protect the artists. Some fans discreetly passed notes to V that said “I love you, Kim Tae-hyung (V’s real name)“, creating a warm and touching atmosphere not just for V but also for viewers.

On the final day of “Jinny’s Kitchen”, V expressed his gratitude by making hot dogs and chicken for fans, showing his appreciation for their orderly conduct. The production team also thanked fans with on-screen captions, saying, “Thank you to the fans who cooperated with the shooting.”

Source: Star News Korea

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