A YG staff exposes the unfair treatment towards 2NE1, their supposed songs were given to BLACKPINK

This person says that songs that were written for 2NE1 have been handed over to other YG artists, among those is ‘As If It’s Your Last’ of BLACKPINK.

Recently, an article posted by a person, who claims to be a former staff of YG, on DC Inside is in the center of attention. According to this account, this person started their job at YG in 2009 and has left the company earlier this year. To prove the validity of the story, this person has also uploaded a photo of their staff ID card as proof.

This ex-staff exposed that there were a lot of hidden stories behind the disbandment of 2NE1 – the once-famous girl group of the 2nd generation. Before Minzy left YG in April 2016, she had asked for a solo album. This was during 2NE1’s 2-year hiatus due to Park Bom’s drug scandal. Minzy desperately asked for a chance to return to the stage, but YG denied. This argument regarding Minzy’s solo career had led to her parents coming to YG to discuss. After that conflict with YG, Minzy left the group.

Regarding CL’s solo activity, YG has canceled and postponed the plan many times. Even though many YG staffs support CL, YG still ignores her. After Minzy left the group, 2NE1 still worked their hardest and even recorded a whole new album. However, 2NE1’s comeback plan in 2016 never happens. Park Bom is denied and looked down on by YG, calling her “the company’s failure”. YG pushed Bom to their subsidiary – The Black Label – before they kicked her out.

In the end, 2NE1 was forced to disband. The decision wasn’t made by the girls, neither did the board. Songs that were written for 2NE1 have been handed over to other YG artists, among those is ‘As If It’s Your Last’ of BLACKPINK.

After the disbandment, CL was drowned in a psychological breakdown, while YG hasn’t spared CL or Dara a look for 3 years. This staff revealed, in YG’s promotion plan for 2019, Dara was mentioned but there’s nothing for CL in it.

This post has stirred up the entire 2NE1’s fan community. Many netizens comment that the details of this topic have untangled many mysteries regarding 2NE1’s disbandment. At the time when YG announced their disbandment, all 3 members: Dara, CL, and Park Bom only knew of the news through the media. Many 2NE1 fans believe that it was Yang Hyun Suk who pushed 2NE1 off the cliff. In Sep 2018, Park Bom has made a statement hinting that it was Yang who had destroyed 2NE1.

Many believe that many of BLACKPINK’s songs are supposedly produced by Teddy and YG for 2NE1. This explains the similarity between 2NE1 and BLACKPINK after the younger girls debuted in Aug 2016. Many are criticizing YG for being disgraceful and destroyed one of the most famous girl group of K-Pop 2nd generation. On Twitter, fans are trending the hashtag #2NE1DeservedBetter to show their fury.


Many years ago, on Instagram, CL and Minzy uploaded photos with the caption included “Playing With Fire” and “Forever Young“. Somehow, those are the same as the tracks that were later released by BLACKPINK.

2NE1 is YG’s girl group who followed the girl crush concept, debuted in 2009. They have had many impressive hits, legendary stages as well as prestigious awards throughout their career. They were seen as Girls’ Generation’s only rival. At their prime (2014), 2NE1 was forced to go on hiatus due to Park Bom’s scandal. 2 years later, Minzy left YG and 2NE1 announced their disbandment.

On May 17th, to celebrate their 10th debut anniversary, the 4 2NE1 members have reunited. The photos of their reunion went viral on many K-Pop forums, reminding fans of the glorious past of one of the most famous K-Pop 2nd generation groups.

2NE1 on their reunion day.

Source: iOne

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