“Jin has the most impressive solo album among BTS members,” Music critics highly praised “The Astronaut”

BTS Jin's first solo single, "The Astronaut," received rave reviews from music critics.

Popular music critic Kim Do Heon mentioned Jin‘s new song “The Astronaut” on his Twitter account on Oct 28th.


Critic Kim Do Heon said Jin’s first solo single “The Astronaut” along with the music video was the most impressive of the BTS members’ solo activities this year.

“The sound quality that Guy and Moses Martin participated in the making is excellent, and Coldplay’s melody is lively because they met their new partner. Jin’s voice, which sings with strength on the themes that follow ‘Moon’ and ‘Mikrokosmos,’ is also solid,” he praised.

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As a song that harmonized the calm acoustic guitar melody with synthesizer sound, “The Astronaut”, in which Jin and the world-renowned band Coldplay composed, wrote, and performed together, caused an explosive reaction as soon as it was released.

This new song, characterized by Jin’s attractive mid-to-low vocal and uniquely refreshing and dreamy atmosphere, is a song that allows you to see various aspects of him as a vocalist.

Critic Kim Do Heon focused on and praised Jin, a visual member of BTS, as a “Silver Voice Vocal” in the November issue of the cultural magazine “Cultura” last year.

Critic Kim said that Jin was recognized for his vocal abilities early through his personal solo songs, including lyrical beauty, beautiful falsetto, powerful authenticity, vocals that firmly center in a wide range regardless of genre, and stable live performances.

Critic Kim Do Heon described Jin as a beautifully shining existence that captures the essence of BTS and defines him as “the starlight that shines more at the deepest night,” citing the BTS’ lyrics.

In addition, music critic Kim Young Dae posted on his SNS account, “The first song of Kim Young Dae’s Pick, the first corner of the Kim Young Dae Project, is Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’.”

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Critic Kim Young Dae praised Jin’s “The Astronaut,” which was selected as the first song of TBN Radio [Kim Young Dae Project], for receiving tremendous views and enthusiastic responses as soon as the song got released.

In addition, H.E.R., a popular American R&B/Neo Soul singer, drew attention for mentioning Jin.

On November 1st, H.E.R. posted a video of Jin performing as a special guest for the Coldplay World Tour “MUSIC of the SPHERES” on her Instagram.

BTS Jin The Astronaut

H.E.R. showed her deep affection by sharing a video of Jin singing his first solo single “The Astronaut” with Chris Martin and writing “WE LOVE YOU JIN!!!!”

H.E.R. is a well-known musician who has won the Academy Award for “Best Original Song” and Grammy for “Song Of The Year”.

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