The visual explosions when 2004-born K-pop idols share the same frame

When these 2004-born female idols stand in the same frame, fans can’t take their eyes off them.

The Korean entertainment industry has always been famous for having many beautiful female idols, proven by many K-pop artists and girl groups from the 2nd to the 3rd Gen possessing eye-catching looks. Recently, K-pop has witnessed the emergence of many rookie groups with all of the members having excellent beauty, prominent among them are the beauties born in 2004. In particular, when these female idols stand in the same frame, fans can’t take their eyes off them.

Jang Won-young-Sullyoon-Huening Bahiyyih
Beauty explosions when 2004-born idols stood side by side. 

Wonyoung – Sullyoon

Recently, the picture of Wonyoung (IVE) and Sullyoon (NMIXX) in the same frame is circulating on the Internet. Accordingly, the two were present at the backstage of the show Music Bank and Wonyoung as MC was interviewing NMIXX. When seeing the video with the appearance of both female idols born in 2004, people couldn’t help feeling excited.

Jang Wonyoung IVE Sullyoon NMIXX
Wonyoung and Sullyoon explode with visuals when standing in the same frame. 

Since her first days in the entertainment industry, Wonyoung has been known for her beautiful and attractive appearance. Although she is only 18 years old, she already possesses an outstanding height of more than 1m70 and sharp facial features, helping her shine every time she appears. Sullyoon also caught the attention of netizens thanks to her flawless beauty although she debuted not long ago. Standing next to the “beauty goddess of the new generation”, NMIXX‘s visual is not inferior but shines with delicate and gentle beauty.

Nmixx Sullyoon
The photo gives a sense of Sullyoon’s everyday beauty. 

Wonyoung – Bae

In NMIXX, apart from Sullyoon, Bae is also the same age as Wonyoung. Besides, the two also had a visual battle at the stage of Music Bank. Since JYP just announced the members of the new girl group, Bae has impressed the audience with her unique beauty and captivating charisma.

When standing next to Wonyoung, the NMIXX member is not inferior even though she has a shorter height of 1m67. Standing next to a beauty with excellent beauty like Wonyoung, Bae is still extremely attractive with her own beauty.

Bae-Jang Wonyoung
Bae is not inferior in beauty when standing next to Wonyoung.

Wonyoung – J

Also at the Music Bank show, Wonyoung had the opportunity to meet another 2004-line female idol, J (STAYC). While Wonyoung‘s stunning beauty is familiar to many people, J also once made fans admire her comic-like beauty.

Appearing at the show, she chose a short curly hairstyle and light makeup. The female idol of the High Up family steals fans’ hearts thanks to her natural and sweet beauty, making fans extremely excited at the double beauty when J is in the same frame with Wonyoung.

stayc j
The audience was delighted with the double beauty when Wonyoung stood next to J. 

Wonyoung – Liz – Rei

In IVE, there are also two members belonging to the 04-liners who are Liz and Rei. Both rookies have extremely attractive visuals that are not inferior to their fellow member of the same age Wonyoung. The proof is that in the photos taken together, all three female idols are extremely shining with their stunning visuals.

Accordingly, Liz has memorable light-colored hair with a pretty dimple. The Japanese member is no less competitive with her pure and gentle beauty. Therefore, when Wonyoung, Liz and Rei stood next to each other, people were absolutely “visually shocked”.

Huening Bahiyyih – Hikaru

The rookie group Kep1er also has many female idols born in 2004. In which, Huening Bahiyyih and Hikaru caught the attention of fans in the photo taken together. Since her participation in the Girls Planet 999 contest, Huening Bahiyyih has attracted the audience with her Western beauty. She is even more beautiful with the blonde hair that compliments her radiant skin. Japanese female idol Hikaru is also loved by many people thanks to her pretty and innocent appearance.

Kep1er-Huening Bahiyyih-Hikaru
The beautiful Huening Bahiyyih standing next to Hikaru. 

Huening Bahiyyih – Youngeun

Not only are they admired by many for their talent as the two highest ranked contestants of Girls Planet 999, Huening Bahiyyih and Youngeun both have eye-catching looks. Seeing the photo that the duo took together, people can’t stop praising the outstanding beauty of them.

Kep1er-Huening Bahiyyih-Youngeun
The audience couldn’t stop gasping when Huening Bahiyyih and Youngeun took pictures together. 

Youngeun – Hikaru

Youngeun and Hikaru have also appeared many times in the same frame, making fans fall for them because both are so pretty and cute. These beauties are sure to have a promising future in K-pop.

Two 2004-born female idols steal the hearts of fans because they are so cute. 

Sullyoon – Bae

The two members born in 2004 of the NMIXX family also caused a fever when they appeared together in the same photo. Sullyoon and Bae have their own beauty, but one thing they have in common is that they both know how to make fans fall for them with their top-notch beauty.

Sullyoon and Bae each possess a different beauty.

Sullyoon – Jinni

Besides Bae, Sullyoon also made fans hard to breath when taking pictures with Jinni. The two friends of the same age make it difficult for people to take their eyes off with their shining visuals and super cute poses.

The extremely lovely poses of female idols. 

Most female idols born in 2004 are beauties with excellent looks. Having already made fans fall in love with their beautiful looks, these female idols even make fans infatuated when taking photos together.

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