BTS Jin performed “The Astronaut” with Chris Martin… “Another legendary stage has been created”

BTS Jin released the performance of his solo single “The Astronaut” for the first time.

bts jin chris martin

Jin took the stage at Coldplay’s concert held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 28th (local time). Introduced by Coldplay’s vocalist Chris Martin, Jin showed up on the other side of the main stage. 

bts jin chris martin

Holding a pink mic, Jin sang a line of “The Astronaut” then ran to the main stage and hugged Martin.

The concert hall was filled with loud cheers and shouts. Many audiences even covered their mouths in surprise as if they didn’t expect to witness this scene. 

Jin presented his first solo single “The Astronaut” and proved his aspect as an amazing vocalist. His solo performance gave off a unique refreshing and dreamy vibe. In particular, Jin’s falsetto and sweet voice pleased the ears of all the concert audiences.

bts jin

His duet with Martin was also a point that stood out from the performance. The two sang a verse together using one mic and showed off their explosive chemistry. 

bts jin chris martin

“The Astronaut” is a pop rock genre track. It impresses many listeners with a harmonious combination of calm acoustic guitar and slowly rising synth sounds. The song was co-produced by Coldplay. Jin also participated in writing the lyrics and expressed his love for ARMYs through this song. 

bts jin chris martin

Source: Dispatch

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