Jin (BTS) has the first Kpop b-side track to dominate the most iTunes charts in the world

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 Although the beginning was not as outstanding as b-side tracks on the same album as Jungkook’s ‘My Time’ or Jimin’s ‘Filter’ but with slow yet steady steps, the oldest member of BTS has reached a next level with his song Moon.  Specifically up to noon today (July 1), Korean time), ‘Moon’ is recorded to have topped the iTunes charts of 42 countries and territories around the world. This is an achievement that is receiving many compliments from the media because it is only a b-side song and does not have any official promotions.

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Thanks to this, ‘Moon’ officially became the Kpop b-side track to hold the most Number #1 on worldwide iTunes charts. Besides, ‘Moon’ is also ranked 33rd in the Worldwide iTunes Chart despite having been released for 5 months.  Another BTS song, ‘Stay Gold’ in Japanese is also ranked 28th on this chart.

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