Jessica presents Hotteok mukbang on the street of Busan, “It’s as if I’m filming with my feet”

On June 30th, Jessica’s Youtube channel “Jessica Jung” uploaded a new video titled “Delightful Foodie Tour in Busan”.

Visiting Busan with her friend, Jessica introduced a mukbang (eating show) with various kinds of food. The first food she ate was wheat noodles. Trying wheat noodles for the first time, Jessica expressed the happiness of tasting delicious food with her eyebrows. After having a light dessert at a cafe, she spent time shopping.

Jessica also ate Ssiat Hotteok, a special hotteok in Busan. Waiting in a long line in front of the store, Jessica said, “When we came in the afternoon, there was no line…We shall see how good it actually is”, showing her expectations. After trying Ssiat Hotteok, Jessica expressed her satisfaction, saying “Exactly the taste I’ve been wanting!”.

Holding the camera while walking around the market like a professional Youtuber, Jessica confessed, “It’s been a long time since I’ve filmed something like this. It’s as if I’m filming with my feet. I’m just filming whatever.”

Finally, Jessica had an enjoyable time watching the night sea in Busan with her friend.

Source: Nate

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