Jessi shared, “I want to have a child… I will freeze my eggs”

Rapper Jessi confessed that she wanted to have a baby.

The new broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman”, which aired on April 22nd, showed Sayuri and her son Zen meeting Jessi, her friend from “Real Man”.


Sayuri asked, “I saw photos of you with babies on SNS and you were taking care of them so well. Do you want to have a baby?”. Jessi replied, “Of course. That’s why I’m going to freeze my eggs”. Sayuri got embarrassed upon hearing Jessi’s answer but then advised, “You should have frozen your eggs when you were a year younger”


Seeing Zen being shy, Jessi said, “Kids like me a lot, so I have to give them sometimes. At first, I’ll just pretend I don’t know them, then they will naturally come to me”. She added, “Kids like playing with me. Although playing with them is quite tired, I feel good and enjoy it since the babies are just so pure”, expressing her affection for children.

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