Jessi “People disagreed with me about joining Jay Park’s agency ‘More Vision'”

Singer Jessi shared behind-the-scenes details of her exclusive contract with “More Vision” (led by Jay Park)

On Oct 21st, Jessi appeared on the YouTube channel “JAY PARK” for a conversation with Jay Park.

Regarding her recent status, Jessi shared, “I have been performing regularly since the post-COVID. And now, my new single is out, in More Vision!” Jessi, who is in her 18th year since debut, said, “Not many people know that I have a long singing career, because they would have seen me when I ride high. I left for America, came back again. I changed my name so many times. I was Jessica H.O at first. I got in Uptown and worked as Lucky J. Then, I came back as Jessi. So I changed my identity, I guess, in a sense.

Jessi confessed, “If things had gone well at the time I debuted, that was when I was 14, I wouldn’t have come this far. Rather, I think it’s a blessing in disguise that I have gone through everything so well. I’m more wiser and I’m more experienced and I know my brand, so it’s hard. I’m not going to lie, I’m a very perfectionist. I tend to be more strict on myself, because I am a perfectionist. Especially these days, because after ‘Zoom’, everything went so well. But it’s like, it’s a lot of pressure.”

Jessi continued, “I love taking risks, I love new challenges, I love anything that’s just different. I don’t want to be just stuck in one label. I want to try out different companies and how these kind of people work and I want to learn. And that’s why I’m with More Vision. I think what’s cool about More Vision is you and I are not that much big of an age gap. I do share a good rapport with More Vision but, I’m going to be really honest. Because we are friends, that’s hard. My previous companies were older than me, and made decisions on what I should or should not do. But here, we are more free. And adapting to this is difficult in another sense.”


Jessi added, “I wanted the middle. What I need is the middle ground. Freedom and also someone who can push me. But here, I can do whatever I want. So in this case, I got to figure out a way where I can be here and feel happiness. I think that that’s something that I need to figure out though, because at the end of the day I don’t think people can give me happiness. I need to figure that own happiness out. But it’ll be great if you guys can help me too. I do have one wish for More Vision. You are too quiet. I wish you more like energetic, I know that it could be fake.

When Jay Park asked “Did you tell your family and friends about joining More Vision? What did they say about it?“, Jessi replied, “I’m going to be honest with you. They disagreed. They advised me to join P Nation. Because now I’m older, I don’t have that much time. But then I thought to myself, ‘I do have a lot more time…’ Madonna is still performing, Beyonce is still performing. There are so many people who are fifty. But in Korea, too many young people debut.


Hearing this, Jay Park expressed his thoughts, “In my opinion, that is why you are more special and unique. Rather than gaining popularity when you are young, you worked for 10 years after becoming a veteran. I’m pretty sure that your future is bright because there is no other person who can replace your character. Because you are already a veteran.

Jessi also confessed how she felt when she announced the news of signing an exclusive contract with More Vision last April, “At that time, I was very worried in a sense because I wasn’t sure. When I worked as a freelancer, many people around me left me or I got fucked over. I realized that I can trust nobody. At that point I thought I had all my people, but that wasn’t it. During the Rolling Loud, I was a bit skeptical about announcement because we didn’t meet up a lot at the time. Because I’m just like, ‘what if I don’t want to go there, what if I want to do it on my own? What if I don’t even want to go anywhere?’ But after going on the stage, I felt like it was a good decision.”

Meanwhile, Jessi is set to release her new single “GUM” at 6 PM on Oct 25th.

Source: Daum

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