Jeon Somi Coolly Shut Down Lip-syncing Accusation at 2023 MAMA

After being accused of not singing live at the 2023 MAMA, soloist Jeon Somi gave the coolest response

Recently, soloist Jeon Somi provided an extremely impressive performance of her song “The Way” at the 2023 MAMA, which instantly gained attention. 

Shortly after the performance, a TikTok user published a cut, where they praised Somi for having her MIC on and singing live. 

However, under the comment section, there was a person accusing fans of lying and stating that Somi did not sing. “The way she’s not even singing live, stans will do anything to hype up their favorite”, they said.  

Unexpectedly, Somi herself appeared under this “hate comment” and coolly shut down its claim by replying, “Yo babe I sang”. On top of this, the female idol also published the rehearsal video of her “The Way” stage at MAMA on Instagram, as “proof” that she sang live. 

Somi’s cool response has effectively shut down claims against her live ability and even went viral among the Kpop community.

Source: TikTok, Instagram, Twitter

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