Jennie has a total transformation in latest episode of “The Idol”

Jennie received praise for her acting in the fourth episode of “The Idol.”

On June 26, “The Idol” aired its fourth episode with a new, exciting twist. In the episode, Nikki (Jane Adams) discussed with Dyanne (BLACKPINK Jennie) about signing her up for Jocelyn’s (Lily-Rose Depp) record label. After 3 long episodes, Dyanne finally got her ticket to be an idol. 

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Afterward, Dyanne faced Jocelyn, not as friends but as foes. Dyanne revealed that she was offered to perform “World Class Sinner,” originally for Jocelyn, and wanted to ask for her permission. Shocked at the news, Jocelyn still gave her “best friend” the green light with the hope that it would revive her career.

After the confrontation, Jennie is receiving more praise for an improved acting performance. However, that does not make “The Idol” any greater in general. Right from the start of the episode, Jocelyn and Tedros (The Weeknd) had sex again in front of friends and colleagues amid recording for a new song.

Tedros took the manipulative scheme further by making Jocelyn’s place his new hideout with his men everywhere. In contrast, Jocelyn gradually lost control of her life and wanted to it all to her new boyfriend.

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However, it seems Tedros’ plan is not foolproof. Jocelyn accidentally discovered the ambiguous relationship between Dyanne and Tedros. When she saw there was something not right, her first instinct was to invite her ex Rob (Karl Glusman) over to make the cult leader jealous.

Currently, “The Idol” is reaching its final episodes. There are still no clues how each character’s fate will turn out. Nevertheless, with the ongoing backlash, it is hard for the series to continue with another season.

Source: K14 

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