Jang Sung Kyu posts profile images of a woman? “Men will have to line up for her”

MC & broadcaster Jang Sung Kyu drew attention by releasing his AI profile pictures.

On July 8th, Jang Sung Kyu surprised everyone when he posted several profile photos of a woman. He added the caption, “If I were born as a woman, men would be lining up for me. I’m serious”. 

It turns out that all the photos Jang Sung Kyu posted are profile pictures generated by AI technology by virtually transforming him into a woman.

jang sung kyu

Seeing Jang Sung Kyu’s post, singer Tei commented, “First, I will give up on that line”, drawing laughter. Actor On Joo Wan also left a comment, saying “You should have a daughter”, making netizens laugh harder.

Meanwhile, Jang Sung Kyu quit JTBC in 2019 and is active in various programs as a freelancer. He is known to be the owner of a 10-billion-won building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Source: Daum

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