An article on a Korean forum saying that BLACKPINK Lisa is a weak-willed person made fans angry

This article has racked up more than 130k views in a short time

Recently, an article with the title “Am I the only one who thinks Lisa is a weak-willed person?” on Pann Nate has attracted the attention of netizens. This post quickly received over 100,000 views and thousands of up/down votes.

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Specifically, the OP wrote:

“Her fans have been bullying Jennie since their debut. Even when they created and circulated harassing and malicious videos directed against Jennie, she did not say a word or ask them to stop. Can’t she tell them “Please respect the four of us”? Even members who don’t have too many crazy akgae fans like Jennie and Rosé have told their fans “If you don’t love all four of us, don’t consider yourself a fan of the group.”

Lisa’s fans are impulsive and often attack the other members, but Lisa never says anything. Lisa’s Southeast Asian fans curse at Korea every day. They ruined Korea’s image by saying that Korea is a racist country.

Meanwhile, Lisa begged YG to make a song for her in Thai style, which didn’t have any Thai in it at all. Then she asked to wear Thai clothes. She pretends to be proud that she’s from Thailand, wants everyone to know that she’s from Thailand hahaha. Those who don’t know will think that she made it on her own. Without the Korean entertainment industry, there wouldn’t be Lisa as she is today.

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Lisa said that she tried to get herself involved in the process, and wanted to use as much Thailand essence as possible. “I expressed that I wanted to have a Thai vibe in the track, and producer Teddy agreed to produce the track with a taste of Thailand for me, which I’m very happy for. Also, because I said I wanted to wear a Thai outfit in the music video, they let me wear it. Thai traditional dance also appears in the performance,” she explained.

So why is she using K-POP to promote Thailand?? I really hate Thailand. A Korean person once translated a bad comment about Lisa. Then the whole country of Thailand hates Koreans and curses Koreans. But in fact, for the past few years, Jennie and other Korean members have been constantly harassed. Isn’t Thailand the one that curses at Korea?? So why do Koreans have to watch someone promoting Thailand through K-pop??

Why didn’t Lisa say a word?? Why are her fans yelling at YG, Korea, and other members? When your fans go crazy, Lisa, why don’t you say anything??”

Top comments from Knets:

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  • Please explain why it is wrong for a Thai to want everyone to know she is Thai LOL. I despise foreign bugs as well, but it doesn’t matter if she creates her own album in the way she wants. By the way, I’m not a Lisa fan; I just enjoy Blackpink’s songs from time to time.
  • If Thais can’t follow the Thai style in our country, we can’t follow the Korean style when entering the US, Japanese and Chinese markets, right? According to your logic, Korean artists are taking advantage of the music market of other countries to promote our country, right?
  • Why didn’t she say anything? If the firm does not discriminate and she is close to Jennie, she should simply urge her fans to stop. The situation will improve. Is she’s tacitly admitting?
  • Blaming Lisa again
  • Lisa is talented… But if she had debuted in Thailand from the beginning, would she have reached the position she is now? Would she be able to become a global ambassador of famous brands and enter the Billboard charts if she debuted in Thailand? I don’t think it’s possible.
  • If BTS can make Korea and K-pop famous, shouldn’t Lisa be able to promote her country? Try thinking in the other side.
  • Looks like you’re enjoying this
  • If you look attentively at Blackpink’s fans, you’ll see that they constantly love and defend the other members while only criticizing one… Why should fans discriminate against members of the same group?
  • Just say you don’t like Lisa hahaha

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