Jamie’s boyfriend was exposed of having relations with 4 to 5 girls: Goo Min Chul was in fact a contestant of “The Iron Squad” season 2! 

Netizens are taking interest in the ongoing controversy. 

Recently, K-netizens are showing interest when Jamie Park suddenly exposed her boyfriend on social media for allegedly cheating on her with multiple women. She implied that her boyfriend was having relations with 4 to 5 other girls and that she intended to write a song to expose him. 

Jamie Park and boyfriend used to take photos of happy moments together and received much support from the public 
Jamie Park’s controversial post 

Jamie Park went public with her boyfriend since November 2022 but quickly got into a cheating controversy only three months later. When her boyfriend’s identity was revealed as Goo Min Chul, netizens immediately knew who he was. Goo Min Chul was known for his immaculate visual who was a member of the military survival show “The Iron Squad” season 2. The participants in the show are presented with strenuous tasks to test their strength and will power. The top soldiers will form a group of four for compeition. 

goo min chul
Goo Min Chul in “The Iron Squad” season 2 

When he was a contestant, Goo Min Chul introduced himself as a reserve sergeant in the Navy Special Warfare Team (UDT) of the South Korean Navy. After leaving the show, he focused on running his restaurant in Seoul that opened in November last year. 

goo min chul
Goo Min Chul’s handsome visual 
goo min chul
The couple during the peak of their romance 

Source: K14

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