IZ*ONE will re-debut? CJ E&M has launched talks for their union

This information has stirred up the fan community of IZ*ONE in particular and Kpop fans in general.

On April 29, the 12-member girl group formed from Produce 48 – IZ*ONE officially disbanded. Although, before that, there were many rumors that IZ*ONE would continue to work together, due to the influence of the vote-rigging scandal, the group disbanded as planned in the regret of fans.

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Soon after, 3 Japanese members of IZ*ONE, Sakura, Nako and Honda Hitomi returned home. The remaining members also returned to their agencies and had their own future plans. 

While the future of IZ*ONE members is still attracting the attention of Kpop fans, a Korean media outlet recently mentioned the group’s reunion. 

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Accordingly, Sports Daily reported on June 18 that CJ E&M has launched talks for the re-debut of the project girl group IZ*ONE. Specifically, CJ E&M submitted an offer to each member’s agency in May, and most companies are actively discussing this.

“IZ*ONE members have shown more will than anyone else in their wishes to promoting together. There are mutual agreements between the agencies as well, so there are discussions in the direction of a reunion or re-debut. However, there are differences in some specific details which are currently being worked out.”

Some representatives of the management companies revealed
izone will re debut cj eampm has launched talks for their union 189489

“It’s true that we are holding discussions with the agencies of the IZ*ONE members with various possibilities open. However, nothing is confirmed. We are well aware of the fans’ massive funding projects. Anyway, even if the group were to return and a comeback was to take place, the project would take place with investment from CJ E&M, not through fan funding.”

A representative of CJ E&M also spoke up to address the rumors

This is good news for IZ*ONE fans.  Hopefully in the near future, Kpop fans can see all 12 girls appear together as a complete group.

Source: Nate

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