“I’ve never seen her like this before…”, Kang Dong-won was so surprised when IU said “this”

Actor Kang Dong-won revealed the moment he was surprised by IU.

Actors Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won, and Lee Joo-young, the cast of movie “Broker”, appeared as guests on a video content uploaded on IU’s official Youtube channel on June 7th.

That day, Song Kang-ho praised IU for the way she hosted the talk show, saying “What’s interesting is that this is my first time seeing IU talks this much”. He continued, “We met each other for the first time and started preparing for the movie filming last year. This is the first time I’ve seen her being so bright and energetic since then and she seems to talk the most today. She rarely talked on the filming set. Was it because you were uncomfortable with us?”. 

iu song kang ho kang dong won

Upon hearing Song Kang-ho’s comment, Kang Dong-won and Lee Joo-young also agreed and asked, “Do you often talk this much?”.

IU then explained, “I’ve never thought you’d ask me this question. It was my first time filming a movie. I was worried that I might make you feel uncomfortable with my words. I was always nervous and wondered if I could not finish what I had to do. Sunbaenim, you made me feel more comfortable during the shoot. Therefore, I got more nervous when there was no camera. This is what I regretted the most. I should have talked to you more.

Kang Dong-won added, “Was it a few days before the filming ended? Ji-eun suddenly called me ‘sunbaenim’ and I was really surprised to hear that.

Source: wikitree

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