IVE Gaeul caused fans to worry because of her shoe size when appearing on the red carpet of the 2022 TMA Awards 

IVE member Gaeul raised fans’ concerns as she showed up wearing shoes that did not fit the size of her feet at an event today.

Girl group IVE attended the 2022 THE FACT Music Awards held at KSPO Dome in Olympic Park, Bangi-dong, Seoul on October 8th.

ive the fact music awards

Prior to the award ceremony, IVE with their dazzling visuals in luxurious black outfits on the red carpet. Although each member’s costume has different details, the group maintained a sense of unity by wearing shoes and stockings of the same color.

IVE Gaeul

However, in the case of Gaeul, the female idol made viewers worry because she was wearing shoes that are too big compared to the size of her feet.

Right after IVE’s red carpet appearance, fans raged at Gaeul’s costume issue. The video cut showing this scene spread rapidly among overseas K-pop fans.

A Twitter user who pointed out the problem with Gaeul’s shoes criticized IVE’s stylists, “If you have no choice than those shoes, maybe you should try stuffing tissues in the front so the artist’s feet can fit”.

Netizens reacted, “It looks so dangerous”, “The shoes are too big”, “Isn’t it the stylist’s fault?”, etc.

Meanwhile, IVE won Next Leader Award at THE FACT Music Awards.

Source: dispatch

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