IU, who attended the ceremony commemorating Finance Day, made everyone laugh with “this action”

Singer-actress IU and actress Han Ji-min’s two-shots are gaining attention

On Oct 24th, the Financial Services Commission held a ceremony commemorating the “8th Finance Day” at the 63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul, and awarded prizes to 191 individuals who contributed to the development of finance.

Finance Day is a statutory anniversary intended to raise public awareness about finance and encourage those working in the financial sector.

IU and Han Ji-min attended the commemorative event. IU received the President’s Commendation for her contributions to promoting the culture of sound asset formation through steady savings and investments, as well as for her continuous charitable activities.

Han Ji-min was recognized with the Prime Minister’s Commendation for spreading a healthy awareness of finance through diligent asset management, as well as for her charitable and volunteer activities.

Afterwards, a post with the title “Han Ji-min helped IU today” appeared on online communities such as FM Korea and theqoo, sparking curiosity.

The post included a video. In the video, IU is seen examining a ribbon in front of her then hanging it around her neck.

However, when going to receive the award, the ribbon’s placement changed. It was worn on her chest instead of her neck.

The mystery was soon resolved. Han Ji-min, who was sitting next to IU, witnessed IU placing the ribbon around her neck and corrected it herself, creating a heartwarming moment.

Netizens left comments such as “Both of them are adorable“, “The initial position of that ribbon was so funny“, “They should act together in a drama“, “Just looking at them makes me feel good“, “This combination is great“, “Why did she hang it there like a microphone? Lol“…

Source: Wikitree

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