IU swears on her career that the speculation rumor is false

Singer IU has spoken about the speculation accusation regarding her building.

IU swears on her career that the speculation rumor is false

2.3 billion won in profits is unjustified information,IU said on her social networking site on January 8. “It’s not all true. I take my career as the most valuable and precious, and I swear there is no lie in it. We decided to stay for a long time and have already planned many things for the future”.

On those who spread rumors and post malicious comments, she said, “I have the confidence that I won’t be rest to make sure I will get an apology someday.”

On the 7th, rumors were posted online that IU acquired 4.5 billion won worth of buildings and land in Gwacheon-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do in January last year and earned 2.3 billion won in capital gains.

KakaoM, the agency of IU, said on its official SNS on the 7th afternoon, “As there are no plans to sell the mentioned building, some rumors about the investment and management are clearly false. We also emphasize that the initial report on the sale of the building is also not confirmed.”

The following is the full text of IU’s SNS post:

2.3 billion won in profit, unwarranted information for speculation. It’s not all true. For me, I take my most valuable and precious career and swear that I have no lie. It’s decided after long hesitation and a lot of things planned and practiced.
Nevertheless, those who still claim that I got unjustified information and made a deliberate bid to make illegal profits, show me clear evidence. If your doubts are enough to completely deny a person’s values and behavior, I think you should try to criticize them properly.
I’ll get an apology one day because I’m confident I won’t get nervous or tired. And as it was revealed yesterday, not only I but also many people live together in the building. Please respect the privacy of them and the local residents.”

Source: Newsen

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