IU called a hairstyle “absurd”? First ever haircut vlog revealed

The full behind the scenes of idol-actress IU’s transformation with a short layered haircut has been revealed. 

On June 2nd, a video titled “[IU TV] First Time Revealing the Process of Getting a Haircut! Transformation into Short Hair Vlog” was uploaded on the YouTube channel of IU. 

On that day, IU revealed a vlog of her getting a short haircut. Here, the hairstylist explained that she will be giving IU a layered cut, with the final length falling just below IU’s collarbone. 

When asked about the reason for filming the video, IU laughed and said that she received a suggestion, adding, “I never disclosed myself getting a haircut”

While taking care of IU’s hair, the hairstylist said, “To be honest, I wish I could cut it lighter and shorter, but I’m worried it might cause inconvenience to change your style for the TV series. Also, there are many different shoots so I don’t want you to have trouble with other shoots…”

IU then commented that she had no idea what the result of the haircut would be, saying, “I’ve been working for quite a long time so I tend to do the styles I’m used to. I usually get suggestions first.”

To this, the hairstylist responded, “I think it’s even better that you create an atmosphere that allows me to suggest a style. The fact that you work with me and accept my suggestions shows that you attempt new styles a lot and enjoy doing it.”

Later on in the video, IU mentioned that she became cautious about dyeing or perming her hair due to allergies. 

“Since I developed an allergy to hair dye and perm, I became more cautious. But I haven’t tried different hair colors even before that. However, I feel that I’m getting better these days. So I guess I could try dying my hair now”, the idol-actress expressed, before asking her hairstylist if she wanted to dye IU’s hair to any particular color. 

Hearing this, the hairstylist suggested, “Maybe beige… ash gray with slight beige! I’d like to try that color on you for your album.”

However, when IU heard that she would need to bleach for 5 hours to achieve that color, she exclaimed, “That’s just absurd”. 

Finally, while getting her haircut, IU said, “Among UAENAs (fans of IU), there are short hair maniacs and there are those who like long hair. I now realize that the fans mostly agree on the fact that medium-length hair is the prettiest. I think they found consensus there.”

Then, as the final result was achieved, IU showed satisfaction, touching her hair and saying, “I love it, it looks good on me. Love the cool vibe.”

Source: Nate 

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