IU announces a major update to her future activities during the press conference for upcoming movie “Dream” 

IU delivered important news related to her future activities as an actress.

At the movie “Dream” press conference held at Megabox in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on March 30th, IU shared important news regarding her future activities. 

IU has been using her stage name IU while working as a singer and her real name, Lee Ji Eun, when she is active as an actress. However, she said she would continue to use only the name IU.


“When I am an actor, I use Lee Ji Eun in the credits, but everyone calls me IU anyway. I thought I could confuse you. I’ve been working as a singer steadily, and if I come out as IU in March and Lee Ji Eun in May, all the reporters and fans might be confused, so I decided to unify all of them into IU because I’m one anyway!”

In addition to this news, director Lee Byung Heon shared a behind-the-scenes story about the repeated use of the same character names in his previous works. However, he clarified that the character names were chosen to reduce labor and not because of any special worldview, and promised to use different names for his upcoming works.

iu park seo joon

The movie “Dream” tells the story of a former soccer player Hong Dae (played by Park Seo Joon) and a passionless PD named So Min (played by IU) who challenge themselves to achieve an impossible dream with the homeless national team. It is the first new film in four years by director Lee Byung Heon, who received favorable reviews through the movie “Extreme Job” that captivated 16.26 million viewers.

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