Is there really something between Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo? Declared to “marry in two years”

Kim Jong Kook and his best friend Jang Hyuk draw attention with their marriage talk in “Problem Child in the House.”

This week’s episode of KBS2’s entertainment program “Problem Child in the House” to be broadcast on April 27th will show Jang Hyuk and Kim Jong Kook boasting a special friendship between the two of them.  

On this day, as a married man, Jang Hyuk explained why Kim Jong Kook is the only cast member of “Dragon’s Club: Overgrown Bromance” who is not a husband and gave realistic advice about marriage, saying, “I don’t think he has met a woman he can marry yet. I don’t want to force Jong Kook to get married quickly. I think marriage should be done when the situation is right.”


Kim Jong Kook then aroused interest by revealing his thoughts on marriage, saying, “Actually, I wanted to get married early when I was young. My goal is always to get married within two years. I always think that I will do it within two years.” He made everyone laugh by showing his extraordinary will for marriage.

Kim Jong Kook added, “There are some married friends of mine who envy me. There are also friends who urge me to get married quickly. They told me that I can’t die alone and I should hurriedly experience marriage.” 

In addition, Jang Hyuk proved his friendship with Kim Jong Kook once again by telling the story of Kim Jong Kook singing the wedding song at his wedding. When asked if he was willing to sing the wedding song when Kim Jong Kook got married, he gladly responded, “I can even sweep the floor of the wedding hall and sing the wedding song for him,” adding to the expectation for the return of rapper “TJ”.


Meanwhile, Jang Hyuk drew attention by revealing his “best friend” Cha Tae Hyun’s drinking habit, saying, “The scariest thing is when I get a call from Cha Tae Hyun,” and “When Tae Hyun gets drunk, he calls me until I answer.” Kim Jong Kook said, “Tae Hyun calls me even when he drinks during the day these days. He doesn’t remember it the next day anyway, so I just don’t answer his calls,” making everyone laugh.

Jang Hyuk’s realistic marriage advice for his best friend, Kim Jong Kook, can be found on KBS2’s “Problem Child in the House” at 8:30 p.m. KST on Wednesday, April 27th.

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