Is BLACKPINK affected by criticism comments in the past? This is Jisoo’s cool answer!

Jisoo’s answer about the hateful comments towards BLACKPINK makes the fans very excited.

During the past month, BLACKPINK has been working extremely hard with a busy schedule since their successful comeback with “Kill This Love”, they later performed at Coachella and went on a US tour. BLACKPINK has achieved many impressive achievements, proving their position as one of the top music groups in Kpop today. But along with the popularity, there is also various scandals, controversies and negative discussions around the group.

Recently, in a live streaming show with fans, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) shared her feelings about the hateful comments that the group received and how she and the member handled the problem when they read these negative comments.

Jisoo has openly shared that she doesn’t mind hateful words. When the fan left a comment saying “Don’t read hateful comments“, Jisoo has answered while eating, with a calm attitude: “The hateful comments? I didn’t deliberately read them. Well, honestly, I have no reason to read them, but once the members told me that there are many hateful comments, I told them not to read it. I just want to remember the good things! “. During this chat, Jisoo also did not forget to thank the fans who were with the group during the past 1000 days since their debut.

Jiso’s sincere thoughts made the fans somewhat reassured that critical comments would not affect Jisoo nor the group. However, the truth is that members of BLACKPINK are aware of the existence of these negative things. Jisoo’s words made the fans happy but also worried.

Through Jisoo’s words, the fans understand more about the strength of the BLACKPINK girls. A comment from Blinks on Twitter received a lot of approval: “Kim Jisoo knows that BLACKPINK will always be on the top slaying the games and will go even more further than what they all achieved now. this is why she dont read hate comments and told other pinks to try to not read those comments because those comments will never bring them down.

The more famous, the more scandalous, the more fans they have, the more haters they have. That is the law of nature and what being an idol brings. Jisoo always thinks about positive things and moving forward, she does what she wants. This is not only true for idol careers but also a very useful piece of advice in life.

Thanks to Jisoo, the fans were able to be reassured about their idols and less worried about negative comments attacking the group!

BLACKPINK has achieved a lot of success even though they only debuted for 1000 days.
Let’s support the girls’ future activities.

Sources: k14

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