BTS’s latest hit surpassed Big Bang and Wanna One’s hits, who say BTS is bad at digital sales?

BTS’s latest digital record has “broken down” the prejudice about the group not having much success on digital charts.

On May 18th, BTS officially released “Fake Love”. Within 2 hours of its release, the song has dominated the No.1 ranks on all Korean real-time charts. Until May 19th, “Fake Love” brilliantly helped BTS to get the very first Certified All-Kill in the group’s career.
Lately, the ranking for top songs with the most debut listeners (the number of listeners for a new song) on Melon was revealed. Although BTS’s “Fake Love” was only released more than one day ago, the song has surpassed Big Bang’s song (“Flower Road” – the song Big Bang members presented their fans before joining the army) and broke the record of Wanna One’s hit (Beautiful – the song released last year) to occupy the highest rank on this chart.
“Fake Love” is now ranked No.1 on all Korean real-time charts and even No.1 on Instiz Chart real-time chart. At this pace, many people believe that “Fake Love” will bring the Certified Perfect All-Kill to BTS in just some more days.

“Fake Love” records have made people have different views about BTS in digital market. Usually, the group is only known as album selling “King”. However, with the certification from Instiz Chart, which is only given to “digital monsters”, BTS proves that the group is able to “balance” both album sales and digital sales. With the significant successes above, BTS showed that the group is not as bad as people say in terms of digital sales. Even Wannable – Wanna One’s fans – also congratulates BTS on this record:
1. They’re really crazy this time…
2. I’m a Wannable but BTS really is BTS ㅎㅎ Wanna One is having a comeback soon, please cheer for them, too ㅠㅠ
3. I’m a Wannable but I really liked BTS’ teasers. I like all BTS members especially the rapper line. As soon as it was 6, I listened to the song ㅋㅋ Congrats on #1 chart debut, Armys!
4. So many people enjoy and like BTS’ music, there’s nothing to be afraid, Namjoon-ah. Enjoy it and feel it. You deserve to be happy.
5. I didn’t expect it to reach 100K listeners… I don’t think it’s just Armys. A lot of non-fans seem to listen to them since BTS started charting on the billboard and became known in the US.
6. So happy, there are many good songs ㅠㅠ And Wanna One is doing really well, too!

Sources: kpopkfans

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