Jennie gets negative comments from some K-netizens for her latest dance practice video

Recently, Jennie (BLACKPINK) posted a dance practice video to “Peaches” by Justin Bieber to her Instagram story.

As a member of the popular girl group BLACKPINK, Jennie is increasingly proving her popularity both domestically and internationally. Despite having a huge fan base, the female idol has also encountered negative comments. Recently, after she posted a short dance practice video, she received negative comments from some Korean netizens.

Recently, on her Instagram story, Jennie shared a short video taken during her dance lesson. In the video, she was practicing the choreography of Peaches by Justtin Bieber with another dancer.

Jennie also left a caption on her story: “Here is a practice video that I didn’t get to post on YouTube. It was on the first day I learned the dance, so I made a lot of mistakes. But I had so much fun with Eunchong eonni so I’m sharing, even though it’s embarrassing.”

Jennie shared that because it was the first time trying this choreography, she was a bit embarrassed. She promised to practice harder and share it publicly to fans the next time.

Jennie gets negative comments from some K-netizens for her latest dance practice video

Although she already explained that this was her first time learning the choreography for Peaches, Jennie was still criticized by some netizens. Many comments bluntly said that Jennie is not good at dancing.

Jennie used to be criticized by some netizens for her lack of enthusiasm while performing on stage. The controversy over Jennie‘s dancing and expression has sparked several times. In 2018, she was harshly criticized after being accused of not putting all her effort into dancing on stage.

However, there are still many comments defending Jennie, saying that this is simply a casual dance practice video Jennie filmed on her first day of learning the choreography. She also made it clear that it was posted for fun and not for any other purpose. Some top comments are:

  • This is a dance practice Jennie only posted to her story for fun, not an official dance cover or anything. Jennie already said that she only started practicing so she was shy and made many mistakes so she didn’t want to share it on YouTube, she’s such a perfectionist.
  • Jennie is really good at dancing, in this video, you can see that her control is good and her movements look smooth, not awkward.
  • Why would you compare her to a professional dancer, have anti-fans lost their brains?
  • Well, Jennie said she posted this for fun, but why is everyone so toxic?
  • Lisa dances better.
  • The girl in black dances much better.

Earlier, Jennie appeared many times in dance practice videos. She confidently practiced difficult choreography, and only shared it on social media once it’s complete. In particular, Jennie surprised fans when she practiced dancing to the song Waste with dancer Simeez. She executed the choreography very well next to a professional dancer.  At the same time, the female idol knew how to control her body and showcase her strong points.

Despite having a large fan base, Jennie still cannot avoid the negative comments of some netizens. However, the female idol always takes criticism as a motivation to work harder and strive to improve.

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