In light of Chuu being kicked out of LOONA for “power trip and abusive language”, Sunmi openly showed her support

While Chuu was kicked out of the group LOONA, her acquaintances, including her senior Sunmi, were giving enthusiastic support.

Previously, on the 25th, LOONA’s agency, Blockberry Creative, announced,We decided to expel and remove artist Chuu (real name Kim Ji Woo) from the group LOONA as of November 25th, 2022.”  In particular, they added to the shock by claiming, “We conducted an investigation after receiving reports about abuse of power, including verbal abuse, by Chuu toward our staff members, and found out it was true. Our company’s representative has apologized to the staff and is currently comforting them. We also decided to take responsibility by expelling Chuu from LOONA.”

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However, right after this, LOONA member Hyunjin openly took Chuu’s side through the fandom platform, saying, “My head hurts. My heart hurts and I’m angry. I’m really angry.” 

Writer A, who worked with Chuu (Kim Ji Woo) on her web entertainment show “Chuu Can Do It” also said: “It’s really funny to claim that Chuu is abusing her power (toward the staff). Ji Woo was having a hard time herself, but she was still worried that the staff wouldn’t get paid.”

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The advertising staff who worked with Chuu also said,  “Last year, at the end of winter, we filmed an advertisement on Jeju Island where Chuu was cast as a model. Her bright appearance without any signs of hardship, and her concern for the staff shivering in the cold, these actions are usually shown on TV. I think I saw it as it was. It’s such a ridiculous story.”

A staff member of the web entertainment show ‘MuzieKwang Company’ said “When I read an article about Chuu, I rather snort. It sounds like the real thing.” Another acquaintance said, “Chuu is never that kind of kid. That’s ridiculous”. Other than that, there was also a testimonial saying, “Chuu came to the company and filmed a commercial, and she kept smiling, and she had good manners. I was really surprised when I read the article”.

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Not only that, on the 26th, singer Sunmi from the group Wonder Girls posted a selfie she took with Chu on her Instagram story, publicly expressing her support and encouragement for the LOONA member.

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