Idol-turned-actor Lee Joon Young impresses viewers with his transformation into intense roles in “D.P.” & “Mask Girl”

Actor Lee Joon Young succeeded in creating a completely new character in his filmography through “Mask Girl”.

Lee Joon Young starred in Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl”, which was released on August 18th, as a villain and captivated viewers by increasing their immersion in the story with his excellent acting.

“Mask Girl” tells about Kim Mo Mi (Lee Han Byul, Nana, Go Hyun Jung), an ordinary office worker with an appearance complex, getting caught up in an unexpected incident while working as an Internet broadcast BJ every night with her face covered by a mask.

mask girl

Lee Joon Young plays the role of Choi Bu Young, who considers Kim Chun Ae (Han Jae Yi) his “cash machine” during his days as an idol trainee and retires due to Chun Ae’s disclosure after his debut. The actor perfectly portrayed the violent boyfriend Choi Bu Young who tries to use Chun Ae from their school days until their last moment.

In particular, Lee Joon Young’s image surprised many viewers as it changed 180 degrees. His solid acting skills, and meticulous expressions of even the smallest details, such as his eyes, way of talking, and gestures, overwhelmed the atmosphere of the drama and raised the tension of the developments.

Lee Joon-young

Lee Joon Young began acting in 2017 with “Avengers Social Club”. He gained huge love from viewers with his impressive acting and handsome visual then established himself as a “trustworthy actor” after starring in various works, such as “Class of Lies”, “Good Casting”, “Please Don’t Date Him”, “Imitation”, “Let Me Be Your Knight”, “May I Help You?”, etc.

Appearing in Netflix’s “D.P.”, Lee Joon Young presented an intense confrontation with Jung Hae In and received explosive responses for his delicate and soft charm in “Love and Leashes”. Showing up in front of the audience with a new image every time, Lee Joon Young once again left a deep impression with his shocking transformation in “Mask Girl”.

Starring Lee Joon Young, “Mask Girl” is available on the global streaming OTT platform Netflix.

Source: Daum

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