“I wanted to be sick in her stead”, EXID Solji’s brother cried at his sister’s hyperthyroidism

EXID Solji and her brother showed off their tight family bond by conveying deep affection for each other.

On December 20th, EXID Solji and her older brother appeared on the December 20th episode of the MBC program “DNA Mate”. On this day, Solji describes her older brother as the closest person to her, who loves her a lot and feels like her best friend.

Solji and brother

Meanwhile, Solji’s older brother Heo Joo Seung said that he is a restaurant manager who is currently operating 7 restaurants, including several in the United States. Solji, who visited a recently opened restaurant run by her brother, was greeted warmly. At the same time, the brother showed a warm side by preparing food that suits his sister’s taste.

Solji, who was eating food made by her own older brother, surprised the viewers with her extremely affectionate gestures, such as brushing off dust from her brother’s hair and wiping the sauce from his mouth.

Solji and brother

The Heo siblings, who referred to each other as “alter egos” and “best of friends”, discussed their extraordinary relationship, saying, “We’ve always been together since we were young. It feels like there were only two of us in the world.”

Hearing this, DinDin invoked laughter by comparing the Heo siblings to himself and his sister, claiming that they fought and called each other “jerk” since childhood.

Solji and brother

Afterwards, Solji and her brother went camping together. Solji, is a long-time camping fanatic, sets up a tent in record time. Then, EXID members Hyelin and Jeonghwa appeared, and the four of them cooked and ate camping food together.

Hyelin talked about the bond between Solji and her brother, who always stick together. Solji’s brother said, “We’ve been together since we were kids. I’m fine with having no girlfriend. Because I get along well with Solji”, showing affection for his younger sister. Solji also shared, “I feel okay since I can go to the cinema with my brother like going on a date with a boyfriend”.

Solji and brother

Revealing the reason she had no choice but to be close to her brother, Solji said, “We lived together when we were in middle school. When our parents were away due to work, two of us ended up being together”, adding “There are memories that only we know. We went through difficult times and lonely times together. I lived far from my parents, but I’ve never been away from my brother. That’s why I naturally thought ‘This person is my alter ego’”. She continued, “When there is a secret that I don’t want anyone to know, I confess my innermost feelings to my brother. Then he would say, ‘It’s okay. You have me here, right? Take a deep breath and don’t think about anything’. He’s really reliable”, expressing her gratitude.

Solji and brother

Recalling when Solji went on a hiatus because of her hyperthyroidism, Solji’s brother said, “That’s when you guys were doing great. It was when Solji was doing well on singing programs, but she fell sick”. In fact, Solji even underwent orbital decompression surgery due to aftereffects of hyperthyroidism, such as bulging eyes and increased intraocular pressure. In this regard, he said, “I was sorry that I didn’t pay attention to her although I had to take good care of her as an older brother. One day, I went home after drinking a lot, and I felt so sorry that Solji was home alone. It was so sad that things happened when she was doing great”. In particular, Solji’s brother said, “I cried in front of Solji once”, and confessed that he wanted to be sick instead of his younger sister, who was suffering from a change in appearance due to illness, back then.

Solji shed tears while sharing, “I think I can feel my brother’s love for me. It’s like how parents care for their children. My father once said, ‘Love is that you can die for that person’, and I think I can give up everything for my brother. I want to give everything to him”. Her brother continued, “I could die for my sister. That’s how precious Solji is in my life”, adding “I hope she becomes more successful than me”.

Source: Daum

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