“I sent her a letter, and a miracle happened”… (G)I-DLE Miyeon, belatedly known moving story

“Can I have your autograph so that my child can get more strength?”

In August last year, parent A sent a letter to an entertainment agency. A’s child has been through many bad things and is mentally struggling. The only consolation for A’s child was a female idol star. A picked up their pen just in case. A explained, “My child gains strength by listening to that idol’s songs and looking at her photos. I sent that idol a letter to convey my gratitude as well as ask her to encourage my child.”

Was there any response? A said, “A miraculous thing happened. The team leader of that idol’s agency visited us personally. He delivered the singer’s signed CD and handwritten letter.” “(That idol) told us to stay strong and that she was cheering on us. There were photo gifts and a long handwritten letter that seemed like she put a lot of effort into it.” (A)


At the same time, A asked, “How can I repay her?” A was moved by the singer’s warm and affectionate heart. A added hashtags “thank you”, “still worth living” and “warm”.

9 months later, the protagonist of the story was revealed. The main character was (G)I-DLE Miyeon. On May 9th, A revealed Miyeon’s identity, saying, “I read Miyeon’s handwritten letter again last night. I regretted that I brought this up late. That’s why I’m posting this because I want to let more people know even if it’s late.” Cube Entertainment‘s side was cautious in a phone call with Dispatch, “It’s true that it happened last year. We remember Miyeon paying a lot of attention when she heard the fan’s story last year.”


Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE made a comeback with their new song “TOMBOY” in March. They swept various music charts and ranked first on music shows, proving their unchanging power.

Miyeon challenged herself to stand alone for the first time. She released her first solo album “MY” on April 27th. Her bright and positive song “DRIVE” gave healing to listeners.

Source: Dispatch

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